Marla's connection to the name Mill Iron is from growing up in a small community, which took its name from one of the cattle brands of the Continental Cattle Company. At one time during the 1880's the Company ran 35,000 to 40,000 cattle and was located on Box Elder Creek in Southeastern Montana.


There isn't much left of the Mill Iron, Montana today, but Loken's sentimental memories and the desire to serve the community of Whitewood will join together for a touch of nostalgia that provides a cozy place to enjoy coffee and friends. 

The Coffee House will seat up to 50 customers, provide a meeting room for groups, and offer King's Pasties, sweet treats, and a variety of specialty coffees.


One of the mottos of The Mill Iron Coffee House is:

"Don't complain about the coffee; you may be weak and old someday too."